Services to Support Your Family

Learning that your child has a disability or complex medical condition can create a wide variety of emotions—for your child, their siblings and you. If your child has a condition requiring lifelong care, a change in their health status can trigger new challenges that might seem overwhelming.

Regardless of where your child is in their medical journey, the Child and Family Services team at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare is ready to help. Our team of experts can support your family with things like:

  • Planning an upcoming hospital stay.
  • Easing anxiety.
  • Finding community resources.

Access Support Services

Call 651-229-3855 to connect with a specialist, ask questions and learn how Child and Family Services can help your family.

Explore Support Services


Chaplainss10投注网址 can provide comfort, reassurance and spiritual care during times of crisis, transition and loss. Regardless of your religious affiliation, you can meet with a chaplain—day or night. A Roman Catholic priest is available upon request.

Child and Family Services Wish List

In addition to helping you coordinate doctor appointments and medical treatments, we actively look for ways to create happy surprises for kids staying in the hospital. Find out how to contribute to the Wish List.

Child Life

Child life specialists help your family prepare for and cope with hospital stays and medical procedures. For example, you can take a tour to learn what to expect during an upcoming visit. Your child can participate in a therapeutic play session to relax and become more comfortable with being in the hospital.

Music Therapy

Music therapistss10投注网址 use music to help kids staying in the hospital improve their abilities, behavior and quality of life. Music therapy can help your child, relax, have fun and find distractions during procedures.


Neuropsychologistss10投注网址 specialize in evaluating the emotional, thinking, learning and behavioral effects of complex conditions that affect the brain and nervous system. If your child has a neurologic condition or is receiving neurology treatment, we help you coordinate with other Gillette specialists for a comprehensive care plan.


Psychologists evaluate the thinking and learning abilities, social development and emotional well-being of children. If your child has emotional difficulties like depression, anxiety, behavioral problems and adjustment issues, we can help with counseling.


s10投注网址 Services

On-site schoolings10投注网址 is available if your child is staying in the hospital after surgery or for rehabilitation. s10投注网址 teachers from the St. Paul Public s10投注网址 System work with your child’s community teachers to ensure a smooth transition from the hospital to school.

Social Work

Social workers can provide emotional support and assist with practical concerns, such as ordering medical equipment and finding lodging, transportation and financial resources. Social workers also can help your family plan for adult-focused medical care.

Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic recreation specialists assess your child’s abilities and recommend programs to help them develop a healthy (and fun!) lifestyle. Your child can apply the skills they learn during rehabilitation to sports and recreational activities.